Synthetic Grass

If you are looking for the highest quality Synthetic grass at the best price Australia wide then you have come to the right place. Instant Turf Australia work with some of the best artificial grass suppliers and installers in Australia so we can deliver you the product and service you want at the price you want. With years of experience in both natural turf and fake lawns rest assure that you are in great hands no matter what your grass needs are. To get some more information simply fill out either the call back form or the request a quote form to the right and we will connect you with a professional in your area that will be able provide with the product and advice you are after.


Why choose artificial grass over natural grass?

Having a nice green area of grass in your front or back yard is great, lying on it in the shade on a hot day, throwing a ball or sitting out there on a warn evening. Having a lush area of grass is a pleasure.

Many people these days all around Australia are opting for synthetic turf instead of real turf. Here are some of the main reasons people are opting for synthetic grass:

  • Money savings – Fake grass may cost more initially than the real stuff but in the long run you will end up saving money from having artificial turf on things such as water, lawn mower, fuel and fertilizer
  • Time savings – Having an artificial lawn will also save you time as they are very low maintenance. No watering, mowing, weeding or any maintenance involved in having real grass.
  • Better for the environment – The exhaust gasses produced by petrol powered lawn mowers when cutting real grass are incredibly bad for the environment, along with the water saving fake grass is going to better for the environment in the long run.
  • Lush green grass all year round – Always have a great looking lawn even in times of water restrictions and the warmer months.

Synthetic grass as sporting surfaces

Artificial grass is not only great for your yard at home but also perfect for sporting surfaces. With all the benefits above choosing fake grass for your sports surface may be just what you need. Some examples where artificial turf is a viable option are:


  • Putting greens
  • Tennis courts
  • Pool surrounds
  • Cricket pitches
  • Hockey pitches
  • Bowling greens

Factors to consider

There are many different types and colours of synthetic grass to choose from but when selecting the right grass some factors need to be looked at so you get the turf that is best suited to your situation. Things such UV and weather conditions, how often the grass will be used, frequency of maintenance and also the how likely the lawn will be contaminated with things like food or drink.

The team here at Instant Turf Australia can help you find the best artificial lawn prices from some of Australia’s top fake turf suppliers in the following states. Whether you are after cheap synthetic grass or the top quality stuff we can assess the factors to help you decide on the best product for you.