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Find the right price on the right turf in Sydney with Instant Turf Australia. We work in conjunction with a large database of quality suppliers and contractors in Sydney that we can direct you to, simply fill out the enquiry form today and we will connect you with the company that will suit your requirements. There are only a hand few suppliers that deal instant lawn in Sydney, so make sure you get the professionals to refer you to the correct place, first time.


Enquire today – and you could have soft luscious turf delivered straight to your door the next day in Sydney.

Buying Roll Out Lawn in Sydney

Don’t waste your energy, time and money planting grass in your back yard. With roll out lawn becoming largely poplar in Sydney, the prices for roll out lawn in Sydney have become much more reasonable over the years. There is good reason for this to happen though, because many the lush, soft roll out turf grasses are low in allergens, are durable enough to be used all year round so you can enjoy your home and lawn more during the hotter summer months where most grass dies off. Main benefits of roll out lawn:

  • Quick and easy solution to backyards
  • Great grass for BBQ areas
  • Child & pet friendly
  • Low in allergens
  • Drought resistant species

Lawn varieties available in Sydney

There are many different species of turf in Sydney all with different properties. Remember to enquire with us through the form and one of our experienced suppliers will contact you to discuss what type of lawn is best suited to your area and requirements.


Below are some of the more popular species of instant lawn:

Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen Couch instant turf is an extremely popular species of domestic roll out lawn due to the ease of care. Wintergreen Couch in famous for its lush green appearance, but it also boasts a durable medium texture which is great for heavy foot traffic. It is a fantastic roll out grass for the conditions in Sydney, and it requires watering 3 times a week for 15 minutes or so once established. If this approach is maintained, it will perform better than man other varieties of turf in Sydney.

Winter Green

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Key Features

  • Lush blue-green coloured couch
  • Medium leaf texture
  • Ideal for domestic lawns
  • A good frost tolerance
  • Personal or large scale golfing projects
  • Price square metre – Please enquire through quote form


Palmetto is a buffalo grass variety which is soft to touch and requires little maintenance. It performs well in full sun as well as shade due to its deep root system. The Palmetto species is drought resistant which makes it more than ideal for Perth’s year round heat and water restrictions.Can be utilised in both domestic and commercial applications successfully.

Key Features

  • Palmetto grass requires little maintenance on your end
  • Popular due to its drought tolerant properties
  • A hardy and resistant to wear and tear grass
  • Performs well in full sun and in shaded areas
  • Please enquire for price per square metre


Being a popular choice for many people living in Sydney, the Kikuyu is boasts some nice properties. Known to repair itself quickly from wear, it makes it a viable option for people seeking entertainment areas for both adults and children. Summer time is the best time to install Kikuyu as it thrives in hot sunny weather. Kikuyu will go slightly dormant over the winter months, where the maintenance level is lowered. Summer maintenance will be required for a Kikuyu lawn as it grows quickly and will need fertiliser. Enquire today about Kikuyu instant turf.


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Key Features

  • Kikuyu has the shortest recovery time of all grasses
  • Known to grow extremely fast over summer months
  • Can be installed on a wide variety of soil types
  • Good tolerance through droughts
  • Improves appearance of your yard with lush green colour
  • Please enquire for price per square metre

Other popular grasses:

  • GreenleesPark Couch
  • Empire Turf

If the turf you are looking for is not listed above, chances are our suppliers will stock it, so please send us an enquiry and we will have the appropriate supplier/installer contact you asap.

Delivery & Installation in Sydney

Many of our Sydney instant turf suppliers and contractors offer next day delivery whenever possible. They are professional, deliver quality lawn and stand by their products. They are more than happy to give advice and point you in the right direction when it comes to instant grasses and the right installation setup. Use the quote form today, and you will be contacted by a professional who will be able to help you with your requirements.

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