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The team at ITA have been working hard in the turf industry over the years, and have built up fantastic connections with the most experienced instant turf suppliers and installers in Darwin. If you are on the look out for a quote for some of the best instant turf Darwin has to offer, then use the quote form in the side bar and we will put you in touch with the right people. There are a growing number of people using instant grass in Darwin, as it becomes more and more popular with time.


Enquire today to gain access to the largest range of instant turf at the best possible prices available in Darwin.

Instant turf options in Darwin

Don’t spend your time planting grass seeds and going through all the hassle of trying to grow soft luscious turf when you can have instant turf delivered to your door the next day anywhere in Darwin. Due to its increasing popularity, instant grass has become a viable option for many house holders and property developers in Darwin.

We connect you with both expert suppliers and installers in Darwin. The two options you can get quotes for are:

  • Instant turf supply only (For the DIY’ers)
  • Instant turf supply and installation

Top reasons to buy roll out lawn in Darwin

Roll out lawn is by far one of the most popular domestic turf products that helps to recover the lush green look people are after for their back yards and home surroundings. There are many benefits of using roll out grass in Darwin, including:


  • Lush green appearance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Drought resistant
  • Suitable for children
  • Suitable for household pets

Darwin’s irollout turf and lawn varieties are a great way to put that finishing touch on your home renovations or simply creating that outside area that is soft, lush and low in allergens. A perfect place to spend a summer afternoon or for the kids to play on.

Lawn varieties available in Darwin

There are many different types of instant turf available in Darwin all with different properties. Contact us and one of our experienced suppliers will contact you to discuss what type of lawn is best suited to your area and needs.


Kikuyu instant turf is the most popular variety of roll out lawn. It is well suited to Darwins’s climate and retains its lush colour during Winter months. It grows quite quickly during Summer months so will require weekly maintenance during the summer months, but will go dormant over the winter months. Kikuyu instant grass has a good recovery rate, has a soft texture and ability to keep out weeds.


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Key Features

  • Great tolerance to wear and tear
  • Grows extremely fast during Summer – dormant in Winter
  • Ideal for most soil types
  • Fantastic tolerance to drought
  • Kikuyu has a great lush appearance
  • Price square metre – Please enquire through quote form


Wintergreen instant turf is a popular variety of domestic roll on lawns due to the minimal fertiliser and easy care. Wintergreen has a lush dark green appearance and will tolerate both full sun to about 50% sunlight, making it ideal for many lawn applications in Darwin. It requires slightly less water than the Buffalo turf variety (approximately three times a week for 15 minutes, once turf is established.) However, Wintergreen generally survives and performs better than most other grasses in Darwin under the current water restrictions in place.

Winter Green

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Key Features

  • Dense and lush mid blue-green coloured couch
  • Fine to medium leaf texture
  • Ideal for heavy traffic conditions and domestic lawns
  • A good durable option due to its frost tolerance
  • Also good for personal or large scale golfing areas
  • Price square metre – Please enquire through quote form

Other popular instant turf varieties

  • Soft Leaf Buffalo
  • Empire Zoysia

Darwin Delivery & Installation

Our Darwin instant turf supplier offers next day delivery whenever possible to most locations throughout the greater Darwin area. They also provide detailed installation and maintenance advice so you can get the most out of your new instant lawn. If you require someone to install the instant grass for you then they can also recommend many different experienced landscape gardeners.

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